Here are some frequently asked questions by our customers.

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Question How is the Afghani/ Irani Pressure Cooker better than the Conventional Cooker?
AnswerAfghani Pressure Cooker is a special cooker, very similar to the conventional cooker in principle, but better in some ways. It greatly decreases the normal cooking time when compared to a regular pot. It is sealed with an airtight lid which allows pressure to build up inside the pot. A seal prevents the steam from escaping, thus requiring less liquid to cook your food, shortening the cooking time without loss of valuable nutrients and flavor.
Question What material are the Afghani/Irani Pressure Cookers made of ? Are they Safe to use?
AnswerThe cookers are made of premium quality treated Aluminum which is durable and safe to use. Acidic foods cooked in anodized aluminum do not react with the cookware, and most authorities believe that anodized aluminum cookware is safe.
Question How to Clean Afghani Pressure Cooker ?
AnswerWash your Afghani Cooker thoroughly with hot water along with a small amount of dish washing liquid, and a scratch-free cleaning pad if desired. The only rule is to use a soft cloth or sponge. Valves are also rinsed after each use.

If, over time, your pot has darkened inside, boil 3 glasses of a water together with the juice of 1-2 lemons in it.

Question How can I use Afghani pressure cooker?
AnswerIt can be used in many ways:

Like a pot. Without a lid, mixing food with water, on fire or charcoal.

As a pan for frying and stewing. Pour oil into the bottom after warming up, with or without a lid, over high heat.

Like a pressure cooker, with a tightly screwed lid over medium heat, with or without the addition of water.

Like a pot. With or without a lid, over low heat or charcoal without adding water until the effect of baked meat / vegetables.

In addition, you can combine several methods in one dish. For example, first fry the onions and meat, add spices, add water, toss the vegetables and bring to cook under a lid over low heat.

Question Can I use the Afghani Pressure Cooker on an open fire?
AnswerYes, it can be used on open wood fire. The pot is all durable, thick metal and can be set directly on the flame and coals.
Question Can I convert my favorite conventional recipes for use in a pressure cooker?
AnswerYes. The easiest way to convert a recipe is to find a pressure cooker recipe that is similar. If that is not possible, a good rule of thumb to follow is to decrease the cooking time of your recipe by two thirds. For example, if your ordinary cooking method requires 45 minutes, the pressure cooker cooking time will be approximately 15 minutes. Remember to document your results so you can perfect your timing. Because there is very little evaporation in a pressure cooker, the amount of liquid should also be reduced. Generally, use about 1 cup more than you’ll desire in the finished dish. Remember, however, that there must always be some liquid in the pressure cooker to form the necessary steam.