Afghani pressure cooker is popular not only in its homeland, but also beyond its borders. This type of cookware is successful both in homes and in natural areas. They are produced in Afghanistan and have traveled miles to come to the Pakistan! They are virtually indestructible, made from a thick aluminum alloy, ensuring long-lasting performance allowing for faster cooking and greater durability. All components are factory-installed and built to last. Their compact and lightweight design makes them easy to use, transport and store. In such dishes, even the toughest meat is cooked in literally 15 minutes.


Afghani Pressure cookers can be used on any heat source – coals, camp stove, propone stove, charcoal or gas grill, stove top, etc. This is used by fishermen, hunters, workers in the fields, mountains, picnic lovers in the woods or in summer cottages.


Afghani pressure cooker greatly decreasing the normal cooking time if using a regular pot. It is sealed with an airtight lid which allows pressure to build up inside the pot. There are loops on the sides of the pan. They fix the handle from the edges. In the center, a screw clamp is lowered onto the lid. Thanks to it, complete tightness is achieved. To open such a construction can only be done with some effort. However, there is no special need to do this in the cooking process. When all the products are in place, the pressure cooker can be taken by the handle and rotated around its axis, shaken in different directions – the ingredients will mix perfectly. A seal prevents the steam from escaping, thus requiring less liquid to cook your food, shortening the cooking time without loss of valuable nutrients and flavor.
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